Festive Fruitbreads

Christmas Morning Bread, also known as Christmas Bread or Holiday Bread, is a delicious sweet bread that has become a beloved American tradition during the holiday season. The recipe for it first appeared in Better Living magazine, popularizing the bread across the country.

Many families bake it together on Christmas Eve, filling their homes with the aroma of spices and festive fruits and enjoying it the next day for breakfast or brunch. It’s also commonly given as a handmade gift, making it a thoughtful gesture for acquaintances and loved ones.

Since all are invited to partake, we call this fruit-studded light yeast bread Festive Fruitbread. It’s certainly more welcome and appreciated than fruitcake!

Season’s Greatness Round

Holiday Glacé Round

Cranberry Burst Loaf

Cheery Cherry Loaf

Bountiful Blessings Loaf