Nigerian Meat Pies

If you were blindfolded while tasting these and we told you they’re British meat pies (Cornish pasties and such), you’d believe us and would probably be surprised to discover that these are actually Nigerian meat pies because of their mild, brothy flavor with savory herb notes, but easy on the spice. Soft potatoes and sweet carrots round out the ground beef filling, encased in Mom’s ultra-flaky butter crust.

Our family makes these every Christmas Eve, but we’re pleased to make and share them with Pittsburghers year ‘round!

Every culture has a meat pie; we feature these as a nod to Tara’s half of her ancestry of which she is especially proud. Nigerian meat pies are known and loved the world over.

Our full-sized Nigerian meat pies

Our Nigerian mini meat pies with their butter crust paired with our chutney-like pepper-tomato sauce with caramelized onions