Best Comfort Food in Pittsburgh

Tara-Peri Chicken is named “Best Comfort Food in Pittsburgh.”

We appreciate this reel created by the popular Pittsburgh foodie influencer @FoodIsMySavior_Pgh on Instagram showcasing some of our specialties!

Mom and John are the breakfast gurus.

Customers purchase two dozen and more of Mom’s pre-made large multigrain pancakes and John’s pre-made French toasts at a time to freeze and pop in the toaster when desired. 🥞🫐🍯

They arrive fresh, but customers tell us their plans for them and why they’ve ordered so many, then reorder!

Our chicken noodle soup with handmade noodles

Nextdoor app recommendation

Mom’s Blueberry-Lemon Pie

Via @FoodIsMySavior_Pgh on Instagram

Yelp Review

Our rotisserie chicken is so thoroughly-marinated, its succulence bubbles to the beat!